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Guide, Videographer, Photographer, Author, FoxPro Field Staff:

Tom Austin began his predator hunting journey at age 7, when his Father introduced him to the sport of calling. Over the years his fever intensified. He’s finally found a cure as a professional guide, published outdoor author and wildlife videographer, hunting predators 40 plus hours a week, using his experience to gain the edge over his quarry.

Tom authors a monthly column for Predator Xtreme magazine titled “Caller for Hire.” He also writes editorials for Outdoor Life, AR Guns & Hunting and Trapper & Predator Caller, just to name a few. He hunts predators from Canada to Mexico and every hilltop and valley floor in between.

There’s no greater thrill than successfully hunting and harvesting the predator species which reside at the top of the food chain. For the past 25 years, Tom’s passion has been calling predators and because of that passion, Predator Strikeforce was born.

As owner and operator of Predator Strikeforce, Tom has countless opportunities to hone his skills “hunting the hunter”. His hunts allow individuals of all ages, both male and female, the excitement of getting up close and personal with the hunters of the animal kingdom while capturing the whole experience on film. Those who embark on a predator hunting adventure with Tom have an opportunity to “get your 15 minutes of fame” through the film.

As a full-time guide, Tom’s hunting equipment takes a pounding. “I use my FoxPro’s nearly every single day of the week. The fact that I can always depend on my FoxPro’s to perform is what keeps me coming back!” Tom also adds, “The innovative products, customer service and attention to detail at FoxPro is second to none, and I believe that’s what makes them the industry leader. I guarantee that the use of my FoxPro’s has allowed me to harvest more predators and get better quality footage and photographs than ever before.”

For Tom, predator hunting isn’t just an obsession, it’s a way of life.


Age: 33
Years Hunting: 25
Favorite FoxPro Sound: Snowshoe #2
Weapon of choice: AR-15 and Benelli M4
Favorite Species to Hunt: Coyotes
Favorite Place to Hunt: In the Sage!
Favorite FoxPro Unit: Fury


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